Why are you selling?

Banks: Over the last two years, we’ve poured our hearts into this house. But we’re separating, and although it’s an amicable separation and both of us are devastated to part with our home, unfortunately selling the house just makes sense.

Sara: Honestly, the house is one of the hardest things to leave… I’ve cried every day as we’ve prepared to put it on the market. (Here’s a list of features we’ll miss most.)

Banks: The upside, for the new buyer anyway, is that we really did plan to stay here for the long haul. This isn’t a “flip” house; everything we’ve done, all the improvements we’ve made, were the highest quality we could afford. In the original 1930s part of the house, we also kept and restored as many of the original features as possible, preserving as much of the house’s charm as we could.

Sara: And we didn’t do just superficial things; we also enhanced the foundation according to our engineer’s recommendation, hired professional contractors to update the electrical, tended to the things that would help the house stand another 85 years.

Banks: Exactly. So there’s still room for the new buyers to have fun, really customize the house for themselves and their family; but without the stress and hassle of having to do it, of feeling pressure to make the house safe and livable immediately after you move in – especially when you may’ve already tapped into your savings for a down payment. The house is comfortable and pretty as-is, and to the very best of our knowledge – because this is critically important to us, too – safe and structurally sound.

What updates have you made to the house since you moved in? Lots of them! To view a full list, please visit our Updates and Improvements webpage.

What about the well? We had the well’s water quality tested by The Water Specialist, Inc. (Hillsborough, NC) during our due diligence period (2018), and the water was clear, clean, and safe. We also love how it tastes! We have very good water pressure and, in the two years we’ve lived here, we’ve never run out of water, even when we’ve had the house and outbuildings pressure-washed. When we moved in, we were told it would be relatively easy to hook up to city water, but we didn’t pursue it because we didn’t feel the need. Something for the new buyer to look into if they’re interested, but we’ve always been pleased with the well.

Do you have a septic system? Thankfully, no! Even though it has its own well, the house is connected to city sewer. You’ll never have to worry about regularly inspecting and maintaining a septic system or pumping it every few years when it gets full.

What are your monthly heating and cooling bills? We pay $37/month to the City of Durham for trash pick-up, yard waste pick-up, and sewer. Here are our electric and gas bill amounts during representative months throughout the year:

  • May 2019: electric bill $61, gas bill $34
  • July 2019: electric bill $67, gas bill $11
  • December 2019: electric bill $63, gas bill $123
  • March 2020: electric bill $76, gas bill $119

What kinds of appliances? Great question! Here’s a list of appliances that convey with the house:

  • Kitchen: KitchenAid stainless steel dishwasher, Maytag stainless steel French door refrigerator with exterior ice and water dispenser, AGA Elise 48″ dual fuel range with 5-burner gas cooktop and 44″ AGA range hood
  • Laundry room: Samsung front-load washer and dryer (full-size matched set)

What paint colors did you use? Most of the house is painted in neutral grays, and in the original parts of the house (living room, entryway, master bedroom, and dining room) we love how the subtle texture of the plaster walls really warms things up — it’s so cozy!

All of the top coats are Sherwin-Williams Emerald Latex Interior Paint, which is high-quality washable paint — dirt and spills just wipe right off.

  • Doors, moldings, cabinets, built-ins, trim: Sherwin-Williams Alabaster
  • Library and master bedroom: Sherwin-Williams Pussywillow
  • Dining room, front entry (under chair rail), living room, kitchen, back entry/mudroom, master bathroom (under chair rail): Sherwin-Williams Alpaca and/or Sherwin-Williams Requisite Gray. In the front entry, we preserved the original vintage wallpaper above the chair rail.
  • Guest bathroom: Sherwin-Williams Cascade Green
  • Guest bedrooms and studio: Sherwin-Williams Egret White

Do you have additional questions? Please reach out to our realtor, Mark Stone, at mark@markstoneproperties.com or 919.451.8049. He’ll be happy to help!

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